Top 5 Web Design Tips

There are a lot of factors to consider when designing a website to ensure that it keeps the audience reading on and interested in the content. Following these five main tips will keep your audience intrigued and make your site easier to read and more interesting.

The first web design tip which is vital to the successful design of your site is the navigation of the site. There should be a clear and simple navigation links on each page of the website to minimize the amount of clicks it requires to find information. As well as this there should always be a ‘where are you’ indication so the audience can always get back to the homepage simply and quickly. Navigation links should be at the top of the webpage so it is easy for the user to find without having to scroll to the bottom of the page. By integrating all of these factors you will make it simple for your users to travel around your website, thus reducing possible frustration.

It is also important when designing a website that the text on a page is kept to a minimum, although still enough to keep the reader interested and be informative. When researching on the web people don’t like to read huge blocks of text, this could put them off as soon as they see it. People tend to just skim the web; they won’t read huge blocks of writing.

Next, it is important that on your site the links are clearly shown. Users generally expect links to be coloured and even underlined, this is because on 99% of other websites this is how they are displayed and people like recognisable features. The other important factor with links is linking the right text; Click Here should never be the linked words, but what is on the page that the link leads to should be.

When designing a website it’s important that the target audience for the site is kept in mind. If the site is being designed for a Southampton web design company, then it should be aimed at people that are going to want to look at the page. On the other hand if it’s being designed for a child the design and the content would be very different.