Professional Web Designing

You can see large number of website swimming in the search engines belly. But when you measure them on the professional scale, you will be surprised to see that only few of them pass the litmus test. Website should be structured in such a way that it truly matches the customer expectation.

Following points clearly explain the professional web designing tips.

Avoid Large Images: Do not use the image of bigger size, this will unnecessary hamper the loading times. So visitor will always try to avoid your site which will affect the online traffic

Curtail Flash Use: Always try to minimize the use of flash because it increases the loading time and deviates the viewer from their original path. Flash are also not considered search engine friendly, it give negative impression to the web crawler.

Code cleaning: Size of the code should be reduced; this can be achieved by removing the spaces, unnecessary tags and even white space. This will enhance the browsing speed which gives positive impact on the mind of the user

Image Compression: This is the technique by which designer can reduced the image size. Since the size is reduced, loading time declines automatically which motivate the user in positive altitude.

Use CSS: Cascading style sheet should be widely used by the designer. This is the modern design techniques, which offer wide level of option and it is search engine friendly.

Color Combination: Color of the website should be decided in such a way that it matches the viewers expectation