5 Things to Ask Your Web Designer Before Signing Anything

Getting a professional to design your website is indeed an exciting task especially if this is the first professional website that you are creating. With several freelance web designers as well as companies offering competitive web design services in the market, one might easily be enticed to sign a promotional package right away, especially if the salesperson is rather aggressive. Hence, in this article, we will propose the 5 things that you can ask your web designer before you sign on the package deal.

If your web designer isn’t experienced, it is likely that during the project that certain hiccups along the way such as slow communication, missed deadlines, weak process flow, etc. Therefore, in this article, we will propose 4 questions to ask your web developer before the project begins.

How are we going to communicate?

Ask your web developer on how you would go about communicating about the project’s details. Whether it is through emails, WhatsApp or even certain communication software such as ‘Slack’. You must also talk about the response time and how fast are they expected to respond in the event that there is an emergency that would require immediate assistance.

It is important that you have a good rapport with your web developer so that at the end of the day, the results will meet your expectations. Avoid micro-managing and give your web developer some space for his or her input and creativity.

What is your team’s process flow?

If you are engaging a web design agency or a company that has a team to do the project for you, it is important to test if the company has a clear process flow and has a good team synergy. Most of the time, the project manager would be the main point of contact with the client and it is his or her responsibility to communicate the right messages clearly to the team.

Who else is in the team?

It is also important to ask who else is involved in the project so that you will be able to get valuable input from other department such as the digital marketing team that can advise you on what designs and features would help to ensure that your website can be optimized for the search engine in future, or even the User Experience (UX) team, who can inform you on the whole user experience. If you are already paying a premium, it is important to utilize the whole team and get them to design a website that is performing optimally. This will also test the company’s capabilities and you would have the confidence that they would be able to deliver under pressure or even when any issues crop up.

What is the project timeline?

Once you have gotten all the specifications down, it is crucial that you ask about the project’s deadline. You do not want your web developer to take a long time to design your website and get them to specify the project stages so that you will be well informed and there is some form of accountability for both teams.

How do I make payment?

Lastly, ask about the project’s contract amount and payment details.

In conclusion, setting the right expectations is crucial in determining that you would get what you desire at the end of the project.